Also working for third parties,
the company offers the same techniques used in the production of the Frantoio Montecchia branded olive oil.

The best for your production

From the health of the olive tree to obtaining an oil that is impeccable, the services of the Frantoio follow every step of the production chain for third parties as well.
Starting from respect for the earth and the protection of plants, for more than twenty years, it has been applying the study and innovation of harvesting, pruning, milling, packaging

and storage, always with reliable and cutting-edge tools.

The team of Montecchia specialists offers field checks, consultancy, services with experience and competence, taking care of even the smallest details that are crucial to having a product of the highest quality.

The fundamental care of plants and olives

Pruning and Harvesting

Pruning is a structural phase, it guides the olive trees in growth and gives them the right setting to be maintained over time, also depending on the method of harvesting. It is the first treatment and prevention for plants whose health is essential for healthy olives and good production. Frantoio Montecchia also offers advice and training courses for beginners and experts in collaboration with local associations.

For your certified Extra Virgin


It takes place with cold extraction, through the use of latest generation machineries. The temperature and duration of the kneading are constantly monitored, to preserve the nutritional properties of the fruit, which is processed within 24 hours of harvesting. Complete service with olive pick-up and oil delivery and all the certifications that guarantee the production of BIO and DOP oil are also offered to third parties.

Safety and checks in the most difficult stages

Packaging and storage

Storage takes place in large tanks, in which the oil is protected from oxygen and light, in an environment with a constantly monitored temperature that guarantees the chemical and organoleptic qualities of the oil. The next phase is packaging, with the availability of graphic design services, for those who want to market their oil with their own brand.


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