E.V.O. Olive Oil - Golden

Fine, award-winning, exclusive

The ideal choice to transform your dish into a true gastronomic experience, unbeatable in absolute simplicity on a slice of bread.

The Golden line is an exclusive selection of four blends and a monocultivar.
Fine olive oil, each with its own flavour, its own character, its own identity.

Award-winning products that can be found on the tables and in the kitchens of the best restaurants.
Perfect for an elegant gift, designed for the taste of enthusiasts and especially for the palate of the most aware connoisseurs.

Exclusive foods for unique flavours.

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Five numbered bottles for five different gastronomic contributions.
22 Classico is harmonious and versatile,
3 Tortiglione is austere and authentic, 4 Dop
has complexity, 2 Delicate has elegance,
6 Organic is rich but balanced. Try them and taste them all.

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Each of the Extra Virgins of the Golden Line has its own particular touch, it adds a different value to the dish.

But those who find their favourite can no longer do without it: from the more structured dish to the elegant essential of bread and olive oil.


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