Healthy, gentle, beneficial

A line of cosmetics dedicated to those who think about body care and know how to choose the best products for the care of their face, skin and hair. Frantoio Montecchia cosmetics contain Extra Virgin Olive Oil of

very high quality and are designed for daily use by the whole family. The catalogue includes scented soaps with E.V.O. oil, shampoo, face cream, and hand and body creams with donkey milk.

Food tips

For younger looking skin

Soaps with Extra Virgin Olive Oil are rich in polyphenols, particularly suitable for combating skin aging. Make daily and frequent use of these products for your well-being.

For healthier skin

Creams with Donkey Milk and E.V.O. oil keep the skin soft, with a protective and extra hydrating effect. Gently massage them into your body and hands after showering.


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