Condiments Olive Oil

Distinguished and delightful

Basil, truffle, lemon, garlic, rosemary, chili. Rich flavors, tasty aromas and, of course, the excellence of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The olive oil condiments from Frantoio Montecchia are produced following all the company’s quality standards.

They are simply perfect for providing unique flavours and aromas to traditional dishes, to give the extra touch to the most creative moments of your cooking, to innovate and make even the simplest recipes special.
Good everywhere.

Food tips

To each his own

Truffle oil gives a fine touch to risotto and roasts. The lemon oil is perfect on chicken breast and seafood salad. Rosemary oil on a freshly baked focaccia is pure pleasure. Spicy oil is the only addition allowed on Arrosticini in Abruzzo.

The spaghetti

Combining garlic and chilli dressing is the tasty solution for the famous Italian dish “Aglio, olio e peperoncino.

The basil oil gives a light and essential flavour to the tomato sauce, for a hint of summer that lasts all year round.


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