Canned vegetables

Tasty, fragrant, genuine

Vegetables preserved in oil, condiments, paté, pickled olives, sauces for bruschetta.
The gastronomic products of the Frantoio bring the flavour of the oil and the fragrance of
genuine vegetables to the table.

Ready to be consumed on their own, ideal for inventing new recipes.
From softer to more decisive and lively tastes, flavors capable of enriching every meal in a true experience of the senses.

Food tips

A quick lunch

Dried tomatoes, chopped olives and your favourite type of pasta. A quick and easy sauce, for a simple first course but with an intense flavor.
The second dish? Toasted bread, grilled artichokes and sauce with peppers, capers and olives.

Touch up the taste

Play with textures, temperatures and flavours: each jar is good as soon as it is opened, but also as an exquisite base for your recipes. Take advantage of all the possibilities of taste in the products from Frantoio Montecchia.


Enrich your pantry