Bag in Box | Italian Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil | EVO BIO 23/24


High quality, respect for biodiversity, and preference for local cultivars. This is our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Bag-in-box format.

Italian product. Cold pressed. Organic farming.

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Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil | 100% Italian Product | EVO BIO 2023/24 | Bag-in-box

Since the beginning of our activity, we have believed in organic farming, in its benefits for us and for the planet. We continuously work to refine organic cultivation techniques to make them sustainable and effective, and here is the result: the blend that best respects biodiversity, favors local cultivars, and expresses the characteristics of Abruzzo’s oil.

Producing Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil requires a lot of attention and care for the olive groves. It’s important to prevent plant diseases or pest attacks. One must stay constantly in touch with nature to grasp its hints and follow its lead.

The Oil

EVO BIO 2023/24 is the oil for those who love simple and responsible cooking, for those who use Extra Virgin Olive Oil daily, and for those who want to support organic farming and share its values. It’s a blend of Leccino, Dritta, and Frantoio olives with a light to medium fruity flavor with accents of almond. The spiciness and bitterness are mid-strong but well-balanced.

The Bag-in-box

The Bag-in-box is among the most innovative systems for preserving olive oil. It’s practical, easy to use, and safe. It helps to preserve the chemical and organoleptic characteristics of the product by protecting it from light and oxygen. The bag and the box (separately) are fully recyclable.

Italian Organic Product. Cold-pressed. Produced in October and November 2023

Store away from light and heat.


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