“6” Biologico – Italian Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2023/24


The Olive Oil that best respects biodiversity, favors local cultivars, and expresses the characteristics of Abruzzo’s extra virgin.

Medium-intensity fruity with great freshness, herbaceous aroma and botanical notes, in perfect balance with bitterness and spiciness.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Cold-pressed in October 2023, from olives grown and harvested in Italy, cultivated using organic farming methods.

Black bottle: 0.500L

“6” Biologico – Italian Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2023/24

Since the beginning of our activity, we have believed in and invested in organic farming, recognizing its benefits for both us and the planet.

We continuously work to refine organic cultivation techniques, making them sustainable and effective. Here is the result: the blend from the Golden Category that best respects biodiversity and the environment, favors local cultivars, and expresses the characteristics of Abruzzo’s oil.

Producing “Extra Virgin 6” requires a lot of attention and care for the olive groves. It is extremely important to prevent plant diseases or pest attacks. We must remain constantly in contact with nature to grasp its hints and follow its lead.

The oil

“6” Biologico is an Extra Virgin Olive Oil with a medium fruity flavor, very well balanced with bitterness and spiciness. Its aroma recalls freshly cut grass and olive leaves, with botanical notes. In the mouth, it is elegant, fresh, and balanced, with medium persistence of bitterness and spiciness.

High-quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil, produced in Italy from olives grown and processed within 8 hours of harvesting.


Perfect on vegetables and legumes, in salads, or simply on bread. “6” is ideal for adding a touch of freshness and “green” thanks to its herbaceous and vegetal notes.

The blend

The blend is curated by the Master Oil Maker Gennaro Montecchia, who selects the harvesting period of each variety based on the ripeness of the olives, then decides the percentages of the individual extra virgin oils that will form “6” Biologico.

The number 6 is a blend of Leccino, Dritta, and Frantoio olive varieties from Montecchia’s organic cultivations.


As with all Extra Virgin Oils from Frantoio Montecchia, only healthy olives from well-tended and monitored plants are processed throughout the year, pruned in a “polyconic vase shape between winter and spring. Harvesting is done both manually and mechanically, with olives always processed within 8 hours of harvesting. The production plant operates continuously, with cold extraction in two phases. State-of-the-art machinery is used: a Heatex was installed in 2021, and a new centrifugal separator in 2023.


Store away from light and heat.

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