“22” Classico – Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2023/24


Gennaro Montecchia’s favorite blend. Medium-intensity fruity with a noticeable presence of spiciness and bitterness, all in excellent balance. Hints of artichoke, almond, and freshly cut grass.

A harmonious and versatile oil that makes a difference on every dish.

Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, cold-pressed from olives grown in Italy, in a dark 0.500l bottle.

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“22” Classico – Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2023/24

“22” Classico is a very harmonious extra virgin olive oil, with a medium-intensity fruity flavor, hints of freshly cut grass, almond, and artichoke, and a perfect balance between bitterness and spiciness. Perfect for raw consumption practically everywhere: it’s a classic

The “22” Classico 2023/24 is the pure expression of Master Oil Maker Gennaro Montecchia. Perhaps it’s his favorite blend for balance and organoleptic properties.

The Oil

Number 22 is a 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, characterized by herbaceous notes and hints of artichoke and bitter almond. The gradually increasing spiciness follows the initial bitterness with a slight delay. All in a wonderful harmony of aromas and flavors that evolve in the mouth and enhance any dish

EVO 22 Oil is filtered and purified from possible residual impurities because filtering prevents the creation of defects such as sludge and the onset of some fermentation processes when the oil is stored in steel tanks.


The “22” is the most versatile oil in the Golden Line and is the easiest to pair, precisely because of the balance and harmony that distinguish it. It is perfect raw on all dishes that need an extra boost or to enhance the structure of the dish. Simply on bread or in salad, it’s the best.

The Classico 22 is an EVOO that doesn’t go unnoticed, especially on the most delicate dishes. It is an extra virgin that adds complexity. Those who prefer milder flavors and a slight bitterness may prefer the “2” Fruttato Leggero.


Like all our extra virgin olive oils, the “22” Classico is cold-pressed with a state-of-the-art two-phase system. In 2021, Frantoio Montecchia installed a new Heatex, and in 2023, a new centrifugal separator. All aimed at preserving the beneficial and organoleptic properties present in the olives in the oil.

Since 1996, we have been working and focusing on technological innovation to obtain a product of the highest quality and to continuously improve.

Olives and Harvest

For all oils, Frantoio Montecchia uses only healthy and high-quality Italian olives. Harvesting takes place at various times during the olive season, depending on the degree of ripeness and the desired oil. The olives for the “22” Classico 2023/24 were harvested between late September and late October 2023 when the olives are still green or at the beginning of the ripening process.

Olive harvesting is done both manually and mechanically.

Cultivar and Blend

The Classico 22 is a blend of Maurino, Coratina, and minor varieties. Towards the end of the olive season, when all the extra virgin oils are available, each with its characteristics, blends are created. Master Oil Maker Gennaro Montecchia and other experts taste all the oils and, by deciding the percentages of each individual cultivar, compose each multi-variety. Blending is a phase that requires knowledge and sensitivity to achieve the desired aromas, fragrances, and intensities for each oil. Therefore, it is meticulous work to achieve excellence in extra virgin olive oil.


Store away from light and heat.

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