“2” Fruttato Leggero – Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2023/24


Sometimes, one must be particularly gentle. The ‘2’ is a light fruity EVO Oil, for dishes and palates that require delicacy. A blend of Leccino and Maurino cultivars.

Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil, cold-pressed from olives grown in Italy, in a dark 0.500l bottle.

“2” Fruttato Leggero – Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2023/24

‘2’ Fruttato Leggero is an extra virgin olive oil with a delicate and pleasant taste, slightly bitter and mildly spicy. Ideal for dishes and palates that require delicacy and elegance.

Sometimes it’s necessary to be particularly gentle. You have to be able to tell a story by whispering to convey deep emotions. Our Light Fruity can’t wait to whisper in your ear.

The Oil

‘2’ Fruttato Leggero is a blend of Leccino and Maurino cultivars. On the nose, it’s fresh, herbaceous, with hints of grass and leaves. In the mouth, it’s delicate, slightly bitter, with a mild spiciness that arrives late. It’s the least intense extra virgin olive oil in the Golden Line.

High-quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil, produced in Italy from olives grown and processed in Italy within 8 hours of harvesting.


Number 2 is the perfect extra virgin olive oil for delicate dishes that require a gentle accompaniment. Loved by seafood chefs, it’s perfect on fish and salads, on first courses with vegetables, and even on ice cream.

Frantoio Montecchia’s “Light Fruity” is recommended in general for dishes where you want to provide freshness and vegetal aromas without overpowering the delicate flavors.

The Blend

The blend is created by Master Oil Maker Gennaro Montecchia, who selects the harvesting period of each variety based on the ripeness of the olives, and then decides the percentages of each extra virgin oil that will form the ‘2’ Light Fruity.


As with all Frantoio Montecchia’s extra virgin oils, only healthy olives from well-tended and monitored plants are processed throughout the year, pruned in a polyconic vase shape between winter and spring.

Harvesting is done both manually and mechanically, with olives always processed within 8 hours of harvesting. The extraction system is a continuous cycle, with cold extraction in two phases. State-of-the-art machinery is used: a Heatex was installed in 2021, and a new centrifugal separator was added in 2023.


Store away from light and heat.

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