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Our Story

The company was founded in 1996 in Morro d’Oro, in the heart of the Vomano valley. Gennaro Montecchia, the founder, decided to give new life to an old mill. It is the beginning of a story inspired by love for olive oil and enthusiasm for experimenting with production techniques, a technological revolution in the world of high-quality Extra Virgin Oil.

Innovations and awards lead Frantoio Montecchia to establish itself as an international reality, and in 2008, the business moved to its current headquarters. Today, Frantoio Montecchia is a reference point for consumers, restaurateurs, farmers and olive oil enthusiasts, a place to meet, taste and study.


At Frantoio Montecchia, olive oil production is based on in-depth study, experimentation, knowledge of the land and respect for nature. The goal is to have a positive impact on the Extra Virgin culture, guiding farmers and customers to true food awareness.

We work for sustainable development and continuous innovation of production techniques, investing in safe machinery, renewable energy and organic agriculture. Professionalism and passion, so that good olive oil reaches everyone’s table.




Every day, the Frantoio Montecchia team works side-by-side as a team of professionals and grows like a real family. Each of the people involved in the life of the Frantoio contributes to make the company a point of reference in the world of extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality.

The whole Family

One by one, here are all the names and faces of those who are behind each stage of the production of the Frantoio products, from the care of the olive tree to the bottle that is brought to your table.

Administrator and Taster


Olive Oil Master and Founder


Cultivation manager and Mill operator


Sales director


Food technologist and Mill operator


Driver, Agricultural operator and Mill operator


Quality Manager and Mill operator


Dietitian and Taster


Innovation Manager and Mill operator


Brand Manager and Mill operator


Agricultural worker and Physical trainer


Agricultural worker


Clear goals, shared values ​​and a good working environment.

Each member dedicates himself to his work, adhering to the philosophy of the Frantoio,

contributing to the realization of everything you can find in the catalogue.

Discover the olive oil and all the products.

Life in the Olive Oil Mill