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Excellence in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

For us, olive oil is more than just food, it is the centre of our culture. Frantoio Montecchia’s story begins in 1996 with deep knowledge of the land, our passion for research and respect for nature.

For the table, for the taste, for the body

The oils of Frantoio Montecchia are born from the selection of the oil master. Three lines, for three different ways of thinking about oil: E.V.O. Classico, E.V.O. BIO and the exclusive GOLDEN line.
It is much more than a simple condiment, it’s fine food.

For your pantry, there are also delicious preserves from our Frantoio and gastronomy products.
Finally, our cosmetics line: all based on Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The Frantoio expertise is at your disposal

Our services at the Frantoio are built on more than twenty years’ experience and on the reliability of those who study and innovate on every step of the olive oil production chain, as well as the guarantee of cutting-edge tools and the absolute respect for nature.


Pruning and Harvesting

We provide consultations and courses on the care of olive trees and for the harvest of the fruit.


Milling for third parties

Cold extraction with the latest generation technologies, within 24 hours of the olive harvest.
BIO and DOP certifications.


Labeling and Conservation

Storage, filling, packaging and graphic design of labels.


Trovi qui e sulla sezione dedicata tutti gli eventi promossi e organizzati da Frantoio Montecchia.

Life in the Olive Oil Mill